Mechcon, boasting over 20 years of expertise in mild steel and stainless steel pipe welding, features a team of certified boilermakers and accredited pressure pipe welders. Adhering to stringent quality standards, we deliver unparalleled precision and reliability on our projects.

Mechcon Welding & Fabrication Pty Ltd is a prominent leader in pipe welding across Melbourne, adeptly serving critical sectors such as mining, petroleum, energy, and gas. Our certified team specialises in high-pressure welding and fabrication, rigorously ensuring that each pipe weld project meets the stringent AS4041-2006 standards for process piping that handles various liquids and gases.

Our expert pipe welders are skilled in a variety of pipe welding positions, utilising advanced welding techniques and equipment to manage projects of any complexity. From the initial tack to the final weld, our team employs MIG welding, TIG welding, and stick welding methods to achieve strong, defect-free joins. These techniques are essential for controlling the heat, arc, and melt of the metal, ensuring that even the smaller pipes with thin wall thickness are welded with a precision that goes beyond what the naked eye can discern.

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Pipe welding, the art of securely joining two pipes, is foundational to constructing robust pipelines and infrastructure critical to industrial plants and refineries. Mechcon’s proficiency extends to hydrostatic and pressure testing of piping systems, alongside specialised services for HVAC mechanical rooms with chilled water piping and high-pressure applications like ammonia process piping in refrigeration plants. We’re also renowned for our work in the dairy and food sectors, delivering exceptional marine-grade stainless steel pipe and tube fabrication. Whether it’s onsite welding or crafting industrial skids, our expert pipe welders bring precision and quality to every task, making Mechcon the trusted choice for any demanding pipe welding needs in Melbourne.


We’re recognised experts in steel pipe welding across Melbourne, offering precise and reliable services in mild and stainless steel. Our skilled team, including certified boilermakers and ticketed welders, masters various key welding positions essential for high-quality outcomes:

-1G (Horizontal Rolled Position): Ideal for basic flat welds, this position allows the pipe to rotate horizontally, simplifying access for top surface welding.

-2G (Vertical Position): In this setup, the vertical pipe may rotate, facilitating side surface welding in a horizontal direction—perfect for vertical seams.

-5G (Horizontal Fixed Position): The pipe remains static, challenging the welder to manoeuvre vertically around its circumference, ensuring thorough welds without rotation.

-6G (Inclined Position): As the most advanced position, the pipe tilts at a 45° angle, demanding high skill levels as welders adjust to its complex orientation for comprehensive coverage.

Our commitment to stringent quality standards and utilising the latest techniques in metal fabrication and welding ensures that every joint is efficient and defect-free, tailored to diverse industrial applications. Trust Mechcon for superior craftsmanship in every weld.


At Mechcon, we understand the importance of using the right welding machine and shielding gas to prevent surface cracks and ensure the integrity of the weld. Our testing processes, including hydrostatic and pressure tests, guarantee that every weld—from the cap to the fill passes—maintains the highest quality and adherence to industry standards. Whether rotating large-diameter pipes for even heat distribution or grinding the groove edges for a perfect fit, our team handles every detail with meticulous care.

Our pipe welders are highly skilled professionals with the latest and most advanced welding equipment in the industry. Our selection of top-tier tools, including state-of-the-art welders, cutting machines, and custom jigs, ensures precision in every steel pipe welding project. We’re committed to delivering superior quality and durability, catering to a wide range of industrial needs. Trust us for dependable and efficient pipe welding solutions, where technology meets craftsmanship.


At Mechcon Welding & Fabrication, we understand the importance of proper welding position certification to ensure the integrity and reliability of our pipe joints. Our team of skilled welders are trained and certified to work in these various positions, guaranteeing that every weld meets the strictest industry standards.

Our commitment extends beyond just achieving a flawless weld; we aim to lead in safety, efficiency, and technological advancements within the welding industry. With a focus on continuous improvement in our welding practices and equipment, Mechcon Welding & Fabrication remains the trusted choice for industrial pipe welding projects, from routine maintenance and repair to complex installations involving critical systems.

Whether you require pipe welding services for your construction, manufacturing, or infrastructure project, Mechcon Welding & Fabrication is your trusted partner in delivering exceptional, defect-free results. Our expertise in navigating diverse pipe welding positions allows us to tackle even the most complex challenges with confidence and precision.