Discover Mechcon’s extensive mezzanine solutions, including steel stairs, handrails, balustrades, ladders, and more. With over two decades of steel fabrication expertise, we deliver top-quality products tailored to the specific needs of industrial and commercial environments across Melbourne.

Mezzanines are elevated platforms that offer a smart solution for maximising usable floor space in commercial and industrial settings. Whether you need extra storage, workspace, or seating areas, a well-designed mezzanine can transform your facility’s efficiency without the costly expense of expanding the overall building footprint.

At our company, we specialise in fabricating high-quality, customised mezzanine systems tailored to your unique requirements. Leveraging our expertise in stainless steel fabrication work, we create durable and low-maintenance mezzanines that meet the highest safety standards. From sturdy decking and slip-resistant grating to seamlessly integrated staircases, our team ensures every component is meticulously crafted to elevate your operational capabilities while enhancing the overall aesthetics of your workspace.

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At Mechcon, we specialise in prefabricated RHS posts, cage bolts, steel stairs, guardrails, handrails, fabricated floor joists, roof access systems, and ladders for mezzanine floors. With over two decades of expertise in stainless steel fabrication, we deliver high-quality, custom solutions for industrial and commercial projects across Australia. Our products are designed to meet the highest standards of safety, durability, and functionality, ensuring optimal performance in various applications.

– Prefabricated RHS posts

– Cage bolts

– Steel stairs

– Guardrails

– Handrails

– Fabricated floor joists

– Roof access systems

– Ladders for mezzanine floors

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Mezzanine Handrails and Balustrades

At Mechcon Fabrication and Welding, we specialise in crafting high-quality mezzanine handrails and balustrades that prioritise both safety and aesthetics. Our team of skilled professionals in Australia leverages top-notch materials and advanced fabrication techniques to create customised solutions tailored to your specific requirements. This ensures a seamless integration with your existing mezzanine structure.

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Steel Stair Systems

When it comes to mezzanine solutions, our steel stairs are a seamless integration, meticulously crafted to match the durability and aesthetics of our mezzanine systems. Expertly fabricated from high-quality structural steel, our stairs not only ensure safe and convenient access but also complement the industrial charm of your workspace. With a range of customisation options, including slip-resistant grating, handrails, and finishes, our customisable steel stairs elevate both functionality and visual appeal, seamlessly blending into your mezzanine design.

Balustrades Handrails

Steel Handrails

Elevate safety and style with Mechcon’s precision-crafted steel handrails for mezzanines. Our expertly fabricated handrail systems ensure optimal protection and compliance with Australian safety standards. Trust Mechcon for durable, high-quality handrails designed to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your mezzanine space.

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Guardrails for Safety

Regarding mezzanine safety, our steel fabrication experts offer a range of high-quality guardrail solutions designed to protect workers and comply with Australian safety standards. Crafted from robust, corrosion-resistant steel, our mezzanine guardrails provide a sturdy barrier to prevent falls, ensuring a secure environment for your industrial or commercial space. With a focus on both functionality and aesthetics, our customisable guardrail designs seamlessly integrate with your mezzanine system, delivering a sleek, cohesive look that enhances the overall appeal of your workspace.
Roof Plant Platforms
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Roof Access Systems

Ensuring safe and efficient roof access is crucial for maintenance, inspections, and various industrial operations on mezzanine levels. Our robust roof access systems for mezzanines, expertly fabricated from structural steel, offer a reliable and code-compliant solution for seamless vertical navigation. With customisable mezzanine roof access designs tailored to your facility’s unique requirements, our mezzanine roof access products, including ladders, walkways, and platforms, provide a secure pathway while maximising workspace efficiency and minimising downtime on your mezzanine floor.

safety guardrails for mezzanine floors
Handrails being installed on the finished roof plant platform.

Guard Rail Systems

Ensuring optimal safety on mezzanine levels is paramount, and our expertly crafted mezzanine guard rail systems provide uncompromising protection. Meticulously fabricated from high-grade structural steel, these durable mezzanine safety railings comply with stringent industry standards, safeguarding your workforce and assets. Customisable to seamlessly integrate with your mezzanine design, our mezzanine guard rails offer a perfect blend of security, functionality, and aesthetic appeal, elevating both efficiency and peace of mind within your industrial space.