Mechcon excels in custom fabricating conveyor systems tailored to enhance bulk material handling in industrial settings. Our diverse range of products, including belt conveyors, pipe conveyors, and air-supported belt conveyors, ensures efficient transportation of materials across various terrains and environments.

With over two decades of experience in premium steel fabrication, Mechcon has established itself as a trusted partner for businesses seeking customised conveyor systems to optimise their bulk material handling operations. Our team of skilled engineers and fabricators works closely with clients to design and manufacture a diverse range of conveyor solutions, including belt conveyors, pipe conveyors, air-supported belt conveyors, and specialised equipment like side belt conveyors, corrugated sidewall conveyors, and steep-incline conveyors. By leveraging the latest technologies and industry-leading materials for materials handling equipment, we engineer conveyor systems that not only enhance productivity and efficiency but also withstand the rigours of demanding industrial environments.

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