Enhance security and safety with Mechcon. Our expertly designed and fabricated guard rails are tailored for diverse applications to perfectly suit your needs. Built to exceed standards, our grab rails offer unmatched protection in any environment, from industrial facilities to public spaces.

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Protect your people, and prevent accidents. Mechcon Welding & Fabrication, Melbourne’s leading steel fabrication experts, craft high-quality safety rails and barriers to boost workplace safety and reduce costly mishaps. We design and build a wide range of solutions, from permanent pedestrian barriers to mobile construction site rails. Our team ensures cost-effective solutions that seamlessly integrate with your operations, prioritising both worker well-being and aesthetics.

With over 20 years of experience, we stand as Melbourne’s premier provider of handrails and guardrails. We exclusively use Australian-made parts and labour, ensuring top-notch quality and compliance with local regulations. By partnering with Mechcon, you can trust that your facility will meet the highest safety standards without compromising on functionality or aesthetics.

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From newly built railway stations and tram stops to major infrastructure projects like Tullamarine Airport and tunnel constructions, Mechcon’s safety rails have been trusted in critical locations across Melbourne.


Mechcon adheres to the highest industry standards, ensuring our safety rails comply with AS1554 for qualified anchor and fixing workmanship. Our performance solutions are meticulously designed to meet local building guidelines and ensure long-lasting, reliable safety rail installations.

We provide a diverse range of safety rail solutions tailored to meet various needs and specifications. Our offerings include locally manufactured AS1657:2018 guardrails and AS1428.1 handrails, ensuring compliance with Australian standards for optimal safety. From site-measured and purpose-built solutions to pre-fabricated guardrails, our comprehensive services cover design, supply, and installation, guaranteeing a seamless and reliable process from start to finish.

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Mezzanine Stairs and Landings Handrails

Guardrails and handrails play a vital role in ensuring safety in elevated areas such as staircases, walkways, balconies, and mezzanines. Mechcon specialises in fabricating AS1428.1 compliant handrails and guardrails for mezzanine stairs and landings, ensuring secure access and preventing accidents in elevated spaces. By providing support for walking and acting as a barrier against falls, they mitigate the risk of accidents and injuries. Whether in industrial settings or commercial spaces, these safety features offer peace of mind and compliance with safety regulations.

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Edge Protection Rails

Protecting workers from falls near open edges, rooftops, and elevated platforms is crucial for maintaining a safe work environment. Mechcon’s edge protection rails, available in both permanent and temporary configurations, are engineered to create a secure barrier around these hazardous areas. Whether you require custom-designed guardrails for your construction site or a versatile edge protection system for your industrial facility, our fabrication team can deliver solutions that comply with the latest safety standards while integrating seamlessly with your existing infrastructure.

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Warehouse and Pedestrian Guardrail Systems

Pedestrian safety barriers are indispensable for segregating foot traffic from vehicular areas in environments such as car parks, warehouses, plants, and public spaces. By clearly delineating pathways and restricting access to designated areas, these steel barriers and bollards promote orderly movement and prevent potential collisions or accidents. Their robust construction and high visibility make them an effective solution for maintaining safety and organisation in busy environments.

Roof plant platform installation at a food manufacturing facility.

Roof Safety Rails

Safeguarding employees who work at height is a top priority, and Mechcon’s roof safety rails and roof plant platforms are engineered to provide reliable fall protection for rooftop operations. Featuring a non-penetrating design to avoid roof damage, our rails are crafted from corrosion-resistant materials to withstand the elements and deliver long-lasting performance. By partnering with our fabrication experts, you can ensure that your rooftop work areas meet the strictest safety standards while minimising the impact on your facility’s infrastructure.

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Hospital and Elderly Assist Railing Solutions

In healthcare settings, safety is essential for patients and staff. Mechcon provides high-quality handrails and guardrails designed to meet the unique needs of hospitals and aged care facilities, offering stability and support for those in need.

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Fall Protection Rails

Fall protection rails are crucial for preventing falls in elevated work areas such as rooftops, loading docks, car parks, and elevated platforms. Engineered to stop a person from falling, these rails provide a reliable barrier against potential hazards. Whether in construction sites or industrial facilities, their presence offers essential protection for workers operating at heights, ensuring compliance with safety regulations and stopping accidents from happening. 

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Industrial & Manufacturing Safety Rails and Handrails for Plant Access

Guiding movement and preventing falls in industrial settings is essential for worker safety. Our industrial handrails are designed to withstand the rigours of factories, warehouses, and production lines, offering a sturdy grip and clear delineation of pathways, which can lower the risk of accidents.