Mechcon Welding & Fabrication excels in producing top-tier Australian street furniture and outdoor furniture, seamlessly blending functionality and style to enhance urban environments. From metal outdoor benches to bike racks and tree guards, our range of park furniture is designed to meet the highest quality and diverse needs of public spaces.


Our range of park furniture not only serves functional purposes but also significantly enhances the visual and cultural identity of urban areas. By integrating innovative designs with durable materials, our street furniture adds character and comfort to public spaces, making them more enjoyable and liveable.

Mechcon Welding & Fabrication’s metal fabricators are dedicated to providing the highest quality, durable, and aesthetically pleasing street furniture, like luxury garden benches or park picnic tables, custom bike racks, stands, metal signage, tree guards and protectors, drinking fountains, and beautiful park shelters that meet the needs of modern cities in Australia, like Melbourne. Whether you’re looking to beautify a small community park or revamp vast urban districts, we offer park furniture street solutions that promise to transform any outdoor space into a beautifully furnished and highly functional area.

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At Mechcon Welding & Fabrication, we understand the critical role that park furniture and outdoor furniture play in enhancing both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of urban environments. Our comprehensive range of Melbourne street furniture is designed to beautify outdoor spaces, such as a street park, while fostering social connections and community spirit.

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Premium Metal Outdoor Bench Designs

We are renowned for our expert craftsmanship in creating durable and stylish park benches, including luxury garden benches and park bench seating. Our bespoke metal outdoor benches are designed to not only beautify public and private gardens but also offer innovative solutions like a combined garden bench and storage options. Each piece reflects our commitment to quality and functionality, ensuring our clients have lots to choose from in our range of park benches for sale. Explore our park furniture today and enhance your outdoor space with Mechcon’s superior street and park furniture.

Stylish Street Park Shelters

Mechcon Welding & Fabrication excels in creating street and park shelters that not only provide practical shelter but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of any outdoor setting. Our custom park shelter designs include versatile outdoor shelters, inviting picnic shelters, and robust park furniture, tailored to enrich community spaces. Each shelter is engineered with precision and crafted using durable materials to withstand the elements while offering a welcoming environment.

wheelie bin enclosures

Wheelie Bin Enclosures for Waste Management

We are your trusted expert in the fabrication of high-quality wheelie bin enclosures. Our bin enclosures not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of urban and commercial spaces but also improve sanitation by securely containing waste. Choosing customisable bin enclosures ensures they perfectly complement your existing street furniture. Enhance your environment with Mechcon’s wheelie bin enclosures. Contact us today to learn more and get a quote.

Public Drinking Fountains

We craft stunning public drinking fountains that seamlessly blend form and function. Our expertly fabricated drinking fountains not only offer refreshments but also serve as beautiful focal points, elevating the aesthetic appeal of parks, plazas, and other public spaces. Crafted with premium materials and meticulous attention to detail, our drinking fountains are built to withstand the elements while providing a clean, convenient source of water. Elevate your community’s outdoor areas with our stylish public drinking fountains. Contact us today to learn more.

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Enhance Safety and Control with Street Bollards

At Mechcon Welding & Fabrication, we specialise in fabricating robust steel street bollards with unparalleled protection and traffic control solutions. Our removable safety bollards are expertly crafted to withstand ram-raiding attacks, safeguarding exclusive areas from unauthorised vehicle access. With their sturdy construction and strategic placement, our street bollards effectively regulate entrances and enhance traffic flow, ensuring a smooth and secure environment for pedestrians and motorists alike. Explore our range of steel bollards for sale and fortify your premises with Mechcon.

Custom Bike Racks and Stands

We design and fabricate high-quality bike racks and stands, tailored to meet the specific needs of any commercial or public space in Melbourne. Our expertise in producing durable outdoor bike racks ensures that each product not only enhances the aesthetic of its location but also provides maximum functionality and security. Opting for custom-made bicycle racks allows flexible design options to perfectly fit your space and user requirements, making them a superior choice for cycling enthusiasts and commuters. 

Park Picnic Tables In All Sizes

Expertly crafted park picnic tables from Mechcon Welding & Fabrication are essential for creating inviting and functional community spaces. Our large picnic tables and long picnic tables provide ample seating for families, friends, and groups to gather and enjoy the great outdoors. Crafted with premium materials, our park tables are built to withstand the elements, ensuring years of reliable service. Elevate your park’s appeal and encourage outdoor gatherings with our stylish and durable park picnic tables. Contact us today to explore our custom designs and transform your green spaces into vibrant community hubs.

planter boxes

Metal Garden Beds and Planter Boxes

At Mechcon Welding & Fabrication, we understand the transformative power of custom planter boxes and corten garden beds in enhancing outdoor areas. Our expertly crafted metal planter boxes seamlessly blend functionality and aesthetics, adding a touch of natural beauty to any setting. From residential gardens to commercial landscapes, our outdoor planter boxes are designed to meet your unique requirements, providing the perfect canvas for your favourite plants and flowers to thrive. Crafted with premium materials and skilled workmanship, our planter boxes offer durability and longevity, ensuring they withstand the elements while maintaining their visual appeal.

Custom Metal Signs Crafted for Impact

Mechcon Welding & Fabrication specialises in custom metal signage, perfectly suited for both commercial environments and outdoor spaces. Our personalised metal signs are designed to meet specific branding needs, ensuring that every sign makes a strong, lasting impression. Crafted from high-quality materials, our outdoor metal signs withstand the elements, maintaining their aesthetic appeal and structural integrity over time. Enhance your business visibility with Mechcon’s bespoke metal signs; contact us today to bring your custom design to life.

Strong Tree Guards and Protectors

Mechcon Welding & Fabrication specialises in designing and manufacturing custom tree guards, essential for protecting young saplings and improving urban landscapes. Our metal tree guards offer a robust defence against browsing mammals like deer and rabbits, ensuring that trees can grow without the threat of damage to their bark or branches. Additionally, our tree protectors shield against harsh weather conditions and mechanical impacts from vehicles and pedestrians, promoting healthier, uninterrupted growth. Safeguard your green investments with Mechcon’s durable tree trunk guards; contact us today to customise solutions that blend seamlessly with your environmental and aesthetic needs.