Job: Melbourne Markets Relocation Project


Melbourne Markets Relocation Project in Epping required 124 heat exchanger skid frames to be fabricated for refrigeration purposes. The custom design was a one off, and all fabrication was within a 2mm tolerance. The unique issue was to overcome the unpredictable movement of the steel structure that the building is made up of. The variable movement required a system that would allow the 800m long Glycol Pipeline connected to the heat exchangers, not to be put under strain from the expansion and contraction of the steel super structure (the building) it was anchored to.

In total there were over 690 individually fabricated precision custom sections. Many of these played a mechanical role and required to be kept 100% straight and true, even after substantial drilling, welding and hot dip galvanising.

Due to the repetitive nature and associated cost the design, jigs and initial set up was offered up for robust scrutiny from our clients QA team as 1 inaccuracy at set up = 124 inaccuracies upon completion. This element of the project proved to be a massive success.


Job: Custom Sliding Skid Frames & Associated Steel Work

Client: A.G.Coombs

Date Project Commenced: February 2011

Duration of Scope: 5 Months

Welding: AS 1554.1 SP   Fabrication: AS 4100
Materials: Carbon Mild Steel Members
Protective Coatings: Hot Dip Galvanised AS 4680-2006

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