Job: Walker St Multi Level Car Park Balustrades


Mechcon was engaged by City of Greater Dandenong to Supply Fabricate and Install 365 L/Ms Perforated Aluminum Screens which would end up Mechcon having full responsibility on fixing design, fabrication methods including Design Shop Drawing details passed onto the Architect and Council for approval.

This project required samples of the Perforated Balustrade Screens to be fixed 9 decks above street level to be approved for potential wind vibration issues as the design was handed to Mechcon from the Architects shortly after works commenced.

Mechcon ultimately ended up being in charge  for the material type used throughout Walker St Car Park, specific paint preparation that had to include 20 year Dulux warranty, Fixing methods and specification including layout drawings / 3D Modeling .

Approx. 3 Months later and 365 Lineal metres of custom Aluminum Balustrades installed throughout the 9 Multi Level Deck car park  the job was complete which then in turn the building surveyor signed off and Council concluded that the Balustrade design and installation  was “well executed by the contractor” ( Mechcon Welding and Fabrication Pty Ltd) .


Job: Walker St Multi Level Car Park Balustrades

Client: Greater Dandenong City Council

Date Project Commenced: March 2015

Duration of Scope: 3 Months

Welding: AS1554.2   Fabrication: AS 1428:2009
Materials: Laser Cut and Brake Pressed , 3mm Thick Aluminium Perforated Custom Sheets
Protective Coatings: 7256S Satin Durralloy – Dulux 20 Year Warranty Powder Coat

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